the millennial analyst.

You don't need to Tableau alone

As someone who uses Tableau every day in my full time role as a Business Intelligence Lead at an academic medical center, you'd think that the last thing I'd want to talk about is more Tableau. That couldn't be further from the truth - I love helping others connect, visualize, and analyze the data that they care about.


With a Desktop Certification, experience developing dashboards for many different audiences, developing scalable internal Tableau training programs, and remaining up to date on all the newest features - there are many different ways I can help you get to insight with Tableau today.

Available Services


Need a Tableau dashboard developed but don't have the time to learn how to?



Technical Training

Would you like help learning how to Tableau? Or maybe just need some technical support to get a project to the finish line?



Tableau Thoughts

Just want a quick review of a dashboard you've built?