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Ask Me About These Projects

Migration of Crystal Report Based Quality Scorecard to Tableau, saving 2 plus days of dedicated time for updates and adding flexibility and insight across multiple domains and services 

Development of Physician Compliance Report, eliminating a vendor solution and adding custom reporting options

Development of Physician Quality Reporting, helping meet a Joint Commission requirement and providing insight to Physicians

Length of Stay Dashboard Development, helping lead to a 5% reduction In length of stay

Development of a scalable Tableau Training Program, saving thousands of training costs with a custom internal program available to teams across various analytics teams

Rapid development of COVID-19 reporting, enabling data driven decision making in face of a worldwide pandemic

External Presentations

Explorer Training Program (Phoenix + Denver Combined Virtual Tableau User Group, 2020)

UChicago Medicine's data-driven response to COVID-19 (Inaugural India Healthcare Tableau User Group Meeting, 2020)

Identifying and Analyzing Inequity in Quality Care (AMIA Clinical Informatics Conference, 2020)

Row Level Security (Virtual Tableau Healthcare User Group Meeting, 2020)

Keynote Presentation (Applied Data Visualization Healthcare, Population Health Focus Day, 2020)

Provider Level Quality Reporting (AMIA Clinical Informatics Conference, 2019)

Progression of a Quality Scorecard (AMIA Clinical Informatics Conference, 2018)

Improving Capacity and Patient Throughput (UChicago Medicine Quality and Safety Symposium Travel Grant Winner, 2018)


UChicago Medicine's data-driven response to COVID-19

Cardiopulmonary Responses During Clinical and Laboratory Gait Assessment in People With Chronic Stroke (Physical Therapy, 2018)

Effects of Training Intensity on Locomotor Performance in Individuals with Chronic Spinal Cord Injury: A Randomized Crossover Study (Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 2017)

Alterations in Aerobic Exercise Performance and Gait Economy Following High-Intensity Dynamic Stepping Training in Persons With Subacute Stroke (JNPT, 2016)

Altered Sagittal- and Frontal-Plane Kinematics Following High-Intensity Stepping Training Versus Conventional Interventions in Subacute Stroke (PTJ, 2016)

Variable Intensive Early Walking Poststroke (VIEWS): A Randomized Control Trial (Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 2015)

Feasibility of Focused Stepping Practice During Inpatient Rehabilitation Poststroke and Potential Contributions to Mobility Outcomes (Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 2015)

Tableau Public

Still Images Reflect Various Work Completed To Consistently Improve Skills

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